The Peoples’ Bandung

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1. A first newsletter was circulated in January 2005, announcing the peoples’ Bandung event, originally scheduled for April 2005.

As you know the event was postponed to December, the Indonesian Peoples’ organisations being fully involved in the supporting of the victims of the tsunami. The final date will be decided soon and communicated by Darwis Khudori, Executive Secretary of the organisational committee.

2. The Peoples’ Bandung is a major event in 2005, the fifthiest anniversary of the Bandung Conference (1955) which created the frame for the building of the common front of the Nations of Asia and Africa and the Non Aligned Movement.


That conjuncture put an end to colonialism and forced the imperialist powers to respect the rights of the concerned peoples. In that perspective the United Nations could promote “development decades” in the frame of a polycentric world system and on the basis of a negociated globalisation (contrasting with the present pattern of globalisation unilaterally imposed by dominant imperialism).

The aim of the Peoples’ Bandung is not to commemorate this past but, drawing the lessons of history, to contribute rebuilding the front of the Peoples of the South who face the arrogant aggressions of the imperialist triad and its US leader.

In that spirit the event should offer a chance for the meeting of the largest number of popular organisations involved in the struggle for “another, better, world”.

The event should constitute a major step for the launching of a wide global campaign aiming at the rebuilding of the solidarity of the peoples of the South facing the challenges of the XXIst century

Third World Forum and World Forum for Alternatives have decided to associate with other important popular organisations operating in countries of both the South and the North in the launching of a number of strategic global campaigns with a view to constructing an alternative to the liberal and unequal pattern of globalisation as enforced presently.

Refernce is made here to our letter circulated just before the meeting of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, January 2005.

See our website :

Chapter : FTM News page

Title : Samir Amin’s letter to the WSF- 2005

The Peoples’ Bandung should offer the opportunity for an in depth discussion of the targets of that campaign and patterns for mobilising support.

Refer here to our website :

Chapter : FTM News Page

Title : Reviving the Spirit of Bandung

Refer here also to the proposals made by Third World Forum, under the title of “Bandung 2005” which can be visited on the website of the Secretariat in charge of the organisation of the event.

3. Three major networks are involved in that organisation :

(i) The network of researchers involved in “Culture and Globalisation”, coordinated by Darwis Khudori, executive secretary of the preparatory committee.

(ii) SEIN (Socially Engaged Interface Network) which, in an ecumenical spirit, brings together Buddhist, Moslem and Christian thinkers and activists, particularly in South East Asia.

(iii) The networks of Third World Forum and World Forum for Alternatives coordinated by Samir Amin and François Houtart.

We invite you to participate as actively as you can to the success of Peoples’ Bandung. We hope that you will circulate the information to popular organisations and convince them of the importance of the event and the following global campaign. We therefore hope that these organisations will decide to participate in the December event and will make their proposals for the follow up.

4. The organisers of the initiative do not dispose of “financial means” which would allow covering the costs of the participating to the event.

In fact, things being as they are, it is doubtful that this initiative will receive any significant support from major donors. We know that popular organisations, which are poor by definition, cannot but rely on their own forces. But should they be convinced of the importance of the initiative they will probably be able to meet the challenge.

That invitation concerns everybody in the three continents of the South as well as in the countries of the North. We are aware that the costs are exorbitant for some eventual participants, if modest for others. The participation of the various regions of the world in the event will certainly be imbalanced, as it is always the case in such circumstances. But we do hope that qualitatively significant organisations from all regions will be present, thus allowing in depth debates and progress in the launching of the global campaign.

Three types of institutions help the Secretariat in the organisation of the event, which are :

(i) organising institutions

(ii) supporting institutions

(iii) funding institutions

The Secretariat is at your disposal to answer your questions concerning these institutions.

The Secretariat has also identified five areas for the organisation of the debates in December, which are :

(i) the political dimension

(ii) the economic dimension

(iii) question related to Culture and Spirituality

(iv) question related to environment

(v) question related education

Each of you is invited to select one or more of those areas in the frame of which he/she would offer a contribution (which we recommend to be in a written form). He/she is invited to contact the coordinator selected by the Secretariat for each of these areas, via Darwis Khudori.

5. This second newsletter, sent by E-mail, will also be put on our website :

Chapter : FTM News Page

TitlePeoples’ Bandung, December 2005

E-mail of the Secretariat : DARWIS KHUDORI : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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