Proposals for the WFA programme of activities 2010-2011

November 2009

A. WFA was created in Cairo in 1997.

Since it has conducted activities in accordance with its purpose and political platform, the main of which were :

(i) The “anti Davos in Davos”, January 1999

(ii) The Bamako General Assembly, January 2006, attended by members of the Enlarged Council of WFA (around 200) in addition to some 300 participants from Mali and the region (in cooperation with the Forum for Another Mali).

(iii) The Caracas General Assembly, October 2008, attended by 200 members of the Enlarged Council (in Cooperation with En Defensa de la Humanidad).


B. The political platform of WFA has been formulated in the Manifesto (Cairo 1997) and the Bamako Appeal (Bamako 2006)

Ref to these document on the Websites (available in a good number of languages)

WFA is a network of individuals committed to a radical perspective (socialism for the future) and anti imperialist stand (supporting the aspirations of the Nations of the “South” – the dominated peripheries in the Global capitalist/imperialist system – to become equal to the “Triad” nations in all the dimensions of life : economic development and welfare, political independence and military strength, cultural respect).


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