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The "neoliberal" globalization with its shattering bankruptcy is now indeed on the defensive. It has no legitimacy. And the people in revolt illustrates that. In Latin America, Nepal, today in Egypt and Tunisia, and tomorrow elsewhere in the South, gigantic popular upsurges are felling regimes that were once at its service.

Autocratic regimes are often extremely violent in their policies and practices and are corrupt to the bone, and sold to local middlemen called the "business world "! In Europe the social crisis produced by capitalism is deepening by the day. Vulnerable countries in the euro zone are questioning the whole construction of "Atlantic Europe".

But nowhere has the battle yet been won. Monopoly capitalism and its political servants are regrouping, ready to organize their retaliation. They plans is to stifle coldly the democratic potential and revolutionary advances of the people by mobilizing all the economic and financial means still available with them. They will not hesitate to revive their alliance with obscurantist forces who claim to "offer solutions". These neo-fascists in Europe and United States, in the Muslim world and elsewhere, are not yet unmasked for what they are.

The huge popular movements in action are still to a great extent on the terrain of rejection, without necessarily yet having consistent positive alternative projects on the scale of the challenges.

The huge wave of attempted "depoliticisation" which was carried by the mainstream media, the collapse of the credibility of the responses that have taken centre stage in the last century, the erosion – and sometimes the failure – of political forces that were formerly "avant garde" still have devastating effects. Nevertheless people on the move continue to invent new ways of re-politicization, but on a scale that may not necessarily be sufficient to challenge that could put the attacks of monopoly capital and the imperialist states on the run.

We say that it is now more than ever necessary that we understand what is being questioned, it is not "neo-liberal capitalism with inhuman face," but capitalism itself. Capitalism has become an outdated system which has had its day, and cannot be other than what it is: destroyer of human being, reducing humans to a disposable commodity, destroyer of natural bases of reproduction of life on the planet, destroyer of the autonomy of nations. What must be understood is that there is no acceptable exit from the crisis of capitalism allowing the restoration of what is essential. It is urgency for developing strategic visions of struggle with a perspective of the invention of socialism of the future, of developing advanced proposals by steps in that direction.

There is no alternative other than socialism.

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Dakar, February 4th 2011

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